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Career Professionals — Expat Career Coaching 101


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Are you an aspiring expatriate (expat) ready to prepare, transition, and adapt to an international career abroad?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re in the right place!

Roseapple Global is a boutique firm offering expat career coaching designed to help you unlock your potential, maximize your ability, and equip you with the tools and resources necessary for a successful life and career abroad.

What Can Our Clients Expect?

Our clients share the same commonality of wanting a solid foundation and step-by-step guidance for establishing and starting a career abroad.

Our clients can expect to receive guided and curated coaching sessions tailored to each individual’s career path and journey abroad.

During your sessions, we listen intently while considering your needs and goals as we develop a plan to support your specific level and stage of becoming an expat.

One (1) Program: Two Options

Our expat coaching services offer one program, “Take Your Career Abroad”, in two online formats. The two coaching formats offer sessions to help you get the best experience according to your learning style.

1:1 Coaching Sessions:

Our one-on-one session is designed for aspiring expats who prefer an individualized learning and planning space. Our standard approach includes multiple sessions to help you unlock, maximize, and equip you to execute your plan.

Sessions are geared to cover vital and related topics such as:

  • Conversations regarding expat interests (core values, purpose)
  • Review of employment history, overseas travel history, planning timeline, skill sets, strengths, and areas for growth or improvement
  • Engagement in brainstorming, goal-setting, and assessing if any existing professional behavioral issues could hinder your client’s goal
  • Discussion on geographic locations and preferences
  • Guided suggestions and updates for one resume, one cover letter, and your LinkedIn profile
  • Other tasks, e.g., searching for sample jobs, and using recommended resources,

Group Coaching Sessions:

Our group coaching is designed to give aspiring expats a robust shared learning and planning space. The “Take Your Career Abroad” group sessions are offered twice a year.

With group expat coaching, you will be able to:

  • Acquire the knowledge you need to create, plan, and pursue your overseas career
  • Set a clear direction by understanding your motivation/purpose and geographical preferences
  • Address concerns and obstacles related to preparing to go abroad
  • Create goals and gain insight into living internationally and career transition
  • Benefit from collective wisdom, peer learning, shared resources, peer-to-peer accountability and support within groups of four (4) to six (6) persons.

The Program: Take Your Career Abroad

Take Your Career Abroad is our premier expat career coaching program designed with serious applicants in mind.

This exclusive program in either format creates a strategic roadmap within two (2) months. It is formulated for clients that want a solid foundation and step-by-step guidance for starting a job search and/or using their current career for an international move abroad.

The individual (one-on-one) and group coaching vary slightly in content and duration.

Both coaching formats are led by an experienced expat career coach who will guide you through four or five critical planning stages, including, but not limited to, geographical options abroad, assistance with your professional profile, job search, and more.

Take Your Career Abroad Sessions

Expat Get Started (2)

  • Explore our Purpose & Values
  • Geographical Options & Geopolitics

Expat Portfolio Planning (2)

  • Review — Modification Notes for a Resume and a Cover Letter
  • Review — Optimization Notes for LinkedIn Profile

Expat Job Search Planning (1)

  • How to Review Announcements

Expat Job Search and Expat Living Resources (1)

  • General Resource List: Job Search and Expat Living

Plus — Standard Inclusions and 30-day Post Completion Session

Both program formats also have standard inclusions that comprise a standard completion time frame, standard session length unless noted otherwise, dedicated online resource space, post-completion access for sixty or ninety days, plus email and group messaging access.

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Adding Next-Step Resources

Clients enrolled in our Take Your Career Abroad program are also welcome to add our comprehensive next-step resources.

These Next-Level services were designed in mind for our clients who have completed the program and are already implementing their specially curated action plans. Additionally, these next-step sessions are offered because we realize that the process is ongoing until each client arrives at their new destination abroad and starts their in-country transition.

Two fantastic features of our next-level resources are; first, you can grab a crafted bundle or as an individual session, and second, you can add a bundle or session when it’s relevant to your planning journey.

Next Step Resources

​Securing the Job:

Two sessions are designed to help you plan and prepare for an interview in the international spaces, and review offer packages.

  • Interview Preparation — Planning (Questions Process)
  • Job Offer Guidance — Compensation Package & Negotiation

​​Ready to Relocate:

Three sessions are designed to provide insight into immigration, document credentialing, and planning for the physical move and resources for expat living.​

  • Relocation Preparation Overview — Move Planning
  • Relocation — Immigration & Credentialing
  • General Resource: Expat Living (30 minutes)​

Making the Adjustment:

An online self-paced course paired with a follow-up conversation for questions and your plan.

  • eCourse — Adjusting and Coping: Living Abroad
  • Post eCourse — 30 minutes: Question & Answer

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Roseapple Global is here to help assist you with the right amount of research, strategic planning, and preparation required to successfully launch your career overseas.

Our expat career coaching services will give you access to an experienced professional and like-minded community members to support and equip you with the necessary tools for your new journey abroad.

Are you a career professional looking for more information about using your skills, expertise and experience to move to another country? Look no further; our expat career coaching services are designed for you.

You may fill out the contact form here, and a Roseapple Global representative will contact you shortly.


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