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Our consulting services are geared towards higher education institutions and organizations in their foundational, start-up years or seeking a transformation in their student-facing units. We consult and collaborate with academic institutions or organizations in all global settings.

Consultant's Background

I have spent twenty (20) years ensuring students are at the center of their educational journey as they complete the various administrative tasks and get involved in co-curricular activities. Of these twenty (20) years, ten(10) were committed to serving students at institutions internationally.

Based on my experience at US and international institutions, an intricate part of my consulting is focused on collaboration and ensuring that the cultural context of the country is at the forefront of our projects. The collective experience in my work has been derived from working to fully operationalize two (2) Student Life Units at start-up institutions in Afghanistan and Singapore. Additionally, I transformed and improved services at two institutions: Student Housing in the United Arab Emirates and Student Services in the Commonwealth of Dominica.

I specialize in developing administrative and operations infrastructure and professional development for student-facing units in campus/student life and student services departments.

At Roseapple Global, we focus on providing a range of services involving theoretical, technical and practical higher education knowledge as part of consulting services. Our tailored and collaborative approach to your project includes understanding the micro, marco, organizational, and cultural perspectives as an external part of managing your needs. These philosophical and personal components help us provide our clients with a natural and unique solution.

Consulting Services Catalogue

* Interim Student Affairs Professional 

* Digital Student Engagement

* Student Programming Design 

* Student-facing Unit Improvement

* Student Affairs / Student Services and Academic Affairs 

* Staffing and Functionality Reviews

* Staff Training - Cultural Adaption & Building Resilience 

* And more!

 Online Publication 

Articles, Stories, and Perspectives of Matters Facing Higher Education. Our goal is to focus and bring awareness to the tertiary education issues in emerging nations. Global Higher Education is a publication by Roseapple Global. 

You can browse our online publication, Global Higher Education, to learn about my experiences and reflections on working globally.


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