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Seven (7) Everyday Tips for International Solo Travelers 

"Traveling solo internationally can be daunting and overwhelming for many, much less for those who may be taking their first trip as a middle-aged person. Navigating international borders also has an added twist with COVID and the entry requirements for each location." If you are looking for practical tips on how to attempt your solo travels, this is the article for you.

Budget Friendly Hotel Stays for Solo Expat Travelers

"Now, I know many of you reading this will smirk because you would not, typically, stay at a brand-new hotel, much less one that had only opened its doors a few days or weeks ago.... However, I have since learned that staying at newly opened, renovated to, transiting properties can be budget-friendly and perks-friendly, even when you are not a member of their brand loyalty program." Take a look at my journey to traveling in affordable luxury. 

Local Food Delights of Bali

"Now, this island ranks as one of my second homes and I love the foods here. The terrain, fruits, some flavors, and beaches remind me of my time in the Caribbean. This being said, several uniquely Balinese foods will entice your palate on each visit. So, I will introduce a handful of the most typical and traditional foods and dishes on the island..." Come with me on a descriptive and visual food adventure that will make your mouth water.

Music Courtesy and Cultural Appreciation Abroad 

"I became fascinated and then surprised by the music and lyrics I would hear streaming. It is enjoyable to hear local and international genres of music. From live jazz in different languages to the various renditions of pop music by local artists, music definitely lives up to its cliché of being universal....but, as we are guests in the countries we visit, we also need to be mindful of what music we play." Want a unique perspective? Click the button to read more. 

A Curvy Expat's Global Spa Memories

"I...did not know any black women who went to the spa other than those in the movies. But my movie watching got me thinking that this was an experience worth having at least once...My 2007 Icelandic trip included a day at the famed Blue Lagoon. I enjoyed the thermally heated seawater, a tempered outdoor massage in the October breeze, and a stroll by the hot waters of waterfalls." Come learn more about your options to be pampered abroad.


The Digital Nomad Life 101 Course,

lets you in on everything you need to know to get started. In this course you will get the heads up on in-person events, guides on how to earn an income as a digital nomad, how to secure transport and a place to stay, beginners and intermediate guide to your finances and even City Guides for the popular states in the USA.

Don't hesitate and check it out now!

The Best Travel Tips Course,

is a wonderful course for novice and experience travelers alike! This course is chock full with tips on travel credit cards, earning miles, booking flights, building a career while you travel and even prepare for that Disney Trip you always wanted! Cut your time in half with all those google search and learn from those whose done it themselves. 

There is so much world to see! Don't miss out. 


Poster for Travel Vision Planner

Travel Abroad Vision Board Planner

Do you have a goal of traveling to another country? Start your planning with the help of a vision board!

The benefits of a vision board are that it can combine a visual and verbal reminder of your travel dreams and aspirations, which can be achievable goals. Your travel vision board planner will help you get closer to your goals for local, national and international travel.

Find twelve (12) pages of step-by-step worksheets and instructions and five (5) template ideas to bring your goals to life on a Vision Board.  Get the personal success you deserve toward your travel goals without being distracted.

Poster of International Solo Travel Guide and Planner

International Solo Travel Guide & Planner

Have you always wanted to travel by yourself, but worried about planning? Do you have a list of global destinations you want to see, but don't know how to start? Are you going on your first international solo trip? 

If you answered YES to any (or all) of these questions, then this guide is for you!

Plan your travels stress-free and organized. This planner has everything you will ever need!

Special Note: This Travel Planner contains a travel packing list inside.

Poster for 40 Plus International Solo Travel Guide & Planner

40+ International Solo Travel Guide & Planner 

Your first solo trip should be enjoyable and meet your expectations. As a solo traveler over 40, I understand some nuances and have designed a comprehensive guide and planner for you.

We provide the benefits, travel options, lots of resources, and tips, plus a planning worksheet for all aspects of your vacation.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get planning and get on that plane! 

Special Note: This Travel Planner contains a travel packing list inside.

Poster for Global Wisdom Card Deck

Global Wisdom Cards

Do you use proverbs or sayings in daily conversation? Have you ever wondered where these sayings originated? Well, you are in luck; we've collected a variety of inspirational, everyday sayings for you in this card deck.

Each card shares a proverb and location of origin by using the flag (yay Geography!). The card deck provides quick learning for you, your friends, your family, and even your children. Great for Vision Boards too!

Your card deck contains sixty-four (64) digital (printable) cards with helpful insights and inspiration from around the world. 

Poster for Travel Packing Guide Planner

Printable Travel Packing List

How many times have you traveled and forgotten something or the day before a trip, you are scrambling to remember all the things you need to pack? Travel can be stressful, especially when managing immigration/visa matters, but a well-thought-out list can take a lot of that stress away!

Your downloadable contains five (5) digital or printable pages including a sample list, travel essential worksheet and note pages - making sure you are well prepared!

Special Note: If you purchased Int'l Solo or 40+ Solo Travel Guide, this packing list is included.

Poster for Travel Wisdom Card Deck

Travel Wisdom Cards

Want to feel inspired to travel? Are you fascinated with travel quotes? Well, you are in luck!

We collected inspirational travel quotes filled with advice for you in this card deck.

Each card shares a quote accompanied by picturesque photos, which are great for your laptop background.

You'll always be enthused with your thirty (30) printable cards to help inspire your global wanderlust, along with a suggestion practice card.

PLEASE NOTE:  This page contains courses or items that are part of my affiliate partnerships, which means if you make a purchase through the link, I get a small percentage of the cost or a commission at no additional charge to you.


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