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Welcome To Our Starter Conversations

Roseapple Global serves the global mobility sector by helping individuals with international career move planning. One of our primary services is expat career coaching for aspiring and new expats seeking to use their expertise, experience and skills globally.

Our Approach

Our expat career coaching philosophy is collaborative, and it teaches and guides you through the process of how to move to another country using your career experience.  Within this service, we intentionally nurture aspiring expats during our program with our four or five-stage approach. The approach helps our clients understand how to use their talent, skills, knowledge, and career experience as the launchpad for their international career move.

Our coaching service has two target audiences.

Career Professionals

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Individuals who resonate with our coaching philosophy and approach as they strategize, design, and plan their international career move regardless of occupation. We work with professionals from a variety of sectors - corporate, public, private, non-profit and more. 

Higher Education Professionals

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Individuals who are seeking to understand the inside track to transitioning their career to an academic institution or organization internationally. We work with educators from academia, administration, operation, or research.

How to get started with us…

"I need someone to help me explore my options"

Schedule a Strategy Session!

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A billable 1-hour session. The aim of the session is to help you explore, brainstorm, ask questions, and roadmap your moving abroad pathway. The session allows you to one or several of the following topic areas:

  • Discuss your moving abroad stage/phase and how to move your process forward.
  • Explore initial viable options for using your skills and talents in other countries.  
  • Discuss the possibilities for using your Higher Education skills, talents, and experiences in a specific country or region.
  • Discuss the options for using your skills, talents, and experiences in Any Career Field in a specific country or region.
  • Generate a list of action items to start your expat journey.
  • Discuss educational options such as degree programs at home or internationally
  • Discuss a semester or year study abroad option/program during your college/university years
  • Learn more about me, our services, and our programs.
  • Decide if one of our expat coaching programs is a mutual fit for your needs.

Your investment: 199.00 USD

Schedule Your Strategy Session Here



"I am ready to start coaching sessions and my journey"

Book a Clarity Call!

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A billable 15-minute call. The purpose of the call is to ask questions about one of our four programs and finalize your program choice. When you schedule a clarity call, it means:

  • you have already reviewed our services and learned about what we do 
  • you are ready to invest consistent time and intentional effort to further your move abroad process with expert assistance 
  • you are ready to make a financial commitment  and investment to gain insight, build confidence, and understand the pathway with expert assistance
  • you have 2-3 clarifying questions to compare two programs or about a preferred program
  • you are ready to start your expat career coaching journey

Your investment: 29.00 USD

Book a Clarity Call Here


Terms and Conditions:

  • All purchases are non-refundable 
  • If you purchase a Clarity Call or Strategy Session and do not complete the in-take questionnaire, your call or session is subject to cancellation without a refund.
  • A missed Strategy Session can be rescheduled within five (5) days of the originally scheduled date, subject to availability. A rescheduled session is not eligible for a refund, and if the session is rescheduled and later canceled, no refund will be issued.
  • The cost of your Clarity Call will be credited to a program purchased within ten (10) days from the day of the call. This does not apply to a Strategy Session. A Clarity Call is not eligible for rescheduling. If you missed your Clarity Call due to extreme circumstances, please email us for potential options.
  • These are virtual and digital services.

Learn More

Learn about all of the Roseapple Global coaching programs and courses HERE

Access Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) HERE

Learn about the Roseapple Global Coaching Processes at the links provided below: 


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