Move Abroad - Start Your Expat Journey (eCourse)

Finding a pathway or avenue to plan a move abroad can be daunting. However, knowing the road to take to move abroad makes the start of your journey easier.

We are excited to share a course that provides foundational knowledge to help you find the pathway that best suits you.

Move Abroad: Start Your Expat Journey is a 5-module course.

Definitions  - gain a foundational understanding of becoming an expat. 

Stay Abroad - helps you think about how long you want to be away.

Trends to Move - learn about want are some trending reasons people make the leap.

Ways to Get Abroad - learn about a myriad of ways to make an international move

Benefits of Being Aboard - understand some of the common benefits of expat living. 

Four (4) benefits of this course:

  • Self-paced modules provide flexibility to learn
  • Learn about the myriad of ways and options for your international move
  • Understand and develop the steps for your selected pathway.
  • Takeaway resources include practical and actionable information to start your journey.

Your Expat Journey and Life Awaits!

9 Modules

Welcome and Introduction

Let's take a moment to introduce your course, share your facilitator's background, review the course outcomes, and prep you for your next modules.

Course Agenda and Outcomes

Let's take a moment to review the course outcomes, and prep you for your next modules.

** Remember to have a notepad and pen handy for taking notes or answer to module question(s).

Expat Insight - Definitions

In this module, you learn about the general expat definitions.

Determining Your Length of Stay

In this module, you understand the standard length of time abroad and contemplate what might be best for you.

Trending Reasons for Moving Abroad

In this module, you learn about some of the trending reasons why people make the leap.  

Ways of Getting Abroad

In this module, learn about the common ways to move abroad as well as some of the typical benefits you might experience.

Benefits of Moving Abroad

In this module, learn about various benefits you might experience when you move abroad.

Wrap-up and Act

This module is all about taking the next step and placing what you have learned into action with your post-course worksheet.

Modules for this service 9
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