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Karla Fraser - Founder, CEO, Expat Career Specialist, Higher Education Consultant

About Karla Fraser and Roseapple Global, LLC

My expatriate (expat) life began 15 years ago when I merged my passion for global adventures and my international affairs background. My professional career includes twenty (20) years in higher education, of which ten (10) have been international. I also have two (2) years of experience in corporate conference planning.

My exciting life and expat story includes being a Third Culture Kid (TCK) who has lived in seven (7) countries, including the USA. Can you take a guess on the others? Travelling through my career and being a digital business entrepreneur has facilitated me working in six (6) countries, while long-term visiting three others and traveling to 50+ others for tourism, cultural exploration, and life enrichment.

My life has been as an adventure, especially after I transitioned into international higher education in 2007 with my first position in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Since then, I have lived and loved my expat life with a two-year return stateside. Being an expat has brought me many great, diverse experiences and it has fueled my passions: writing and wellness.

As persons learned of my adventures and experiences, I found myself coaching and guiding a close friend to obtain a student affairs position in Australia coming from the USA. I spent countless hours advising or coaching others over dinner, at conferences, or during a phone call about their anticipated journey. It was the soft beginning of what you now know as Roseapple Global's Expat Career Coaching Services.

These opportunities were genuinely fulfilling. As a result of my life experiences, I want to help others achieve their goal of expat living and higher education organizations deliver their best services to students.

Finally in 2019, Roseapple Global, LLC was launched: a boutique firm specializing in expat career coaching for aspiring expatriates and consulting for higher organizations. 

We recognize the growing global need for experts and expertise in higher education and other career fields in established or emerging nations. Our objectives are to:

  • prepare and guide individuals to pursue career opportunities globally. 
  • assess and plan with academic institutions or organizations ways to serve their students in a more productive capacity.

The knowledge, skills, and experiences gained from six vastly different countries allow us the ability to assist and guide an individual, institution, or organization towards their goals.

Karla Fraser, the Expat Career Specialist

At Roseapple Global LLC, we serve and assist mid to senior-level career professionals with transitioning and thriving abroad physically or remotely.

We are dedicated to assisting individuals seeking an expatriate (expat) life and journey through their career, whatever that career may be. Coaching is provided in a one-to-one or group setting to suit the needs of members who join our program. Our expat career coaching services are designed to amplify your overall planning, readiness, and understanding of being an expat. 

Our services are designed to ensure progression in the planning process and professional readiness to pursue a new overseas career. There are (2) two main categories of professionals

Higher Education Professionals 

This includes a wide breadth of persons who have worked and pursued a career in the Higher Education field: Administration, Student Affairs, Curriculum Advisors, and Lecturers, to name a few. 

General Professionals 

This includes persons of any career that are pursuing broadening their horizons in the international market. The Accountants, Administrative Staff, Architects, K-12 Education of world have transferable skills that can take them to variety of destinations around the world. 

Karla Fraser, the Higher Education Consultant

Roseapple Global LLC provides consultancy for institutions and organizations of Higher Learning globally.  We focus on the administrative and operational areas of student-facing units. Examples of these units are Student Affairs, Student Services, and Academic Support at institutions or organizations.  

At Roseapple Global, one of our core beliefs is that student success is not only about the classroom. We understand the holistic view of the student's experience during the administrative cycle of the student. We are diligent in understanding organizational needs while supporting the co-creation policies, operations, or  programs that

  • deliver exceptional services,
  • creating well-rounded, capable and passionate alumni
  • make a positive impact in their community.

Roseapple Global is open to serving all institutions at all levels and has a passion for institutions in their foundational, start-up years or in a transformational period. We also keen to support student-facing units in emerging economies seeking to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 (#SDG4).

Due to Karla's passion for encouraging diversity in the experience and development of the youth academically, we are happy to serve regions such as the Caribbean, Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and across Africa.

Our goal is to provide customized expertise in collaboration with our clients to meet their needs.

We help you unlock your potential, maximize your ability, and then equip you with resources and tools for your journey.


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