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Karla Fraser

Pursue Your Purpose and Passion

Karla went from being a third culture kid (TCK) and a thriving expat while taking her career abroad. She merged her passion for global adventures with education with expertise in student affairs administration.

Telling My Story

  • Merging Purpose and Passion - Work and Travel
  • Life-Changing Career Sabbatical While Abroad
  • From Nebraska to Afghanistan, Plus the Before and After
  • Eleven Countries and Counting - A Black Woman Abroad
  • From Frozen Plains to Desert Sands - Creating a Path


  • Cultural Adjustment for Thriving Abroad

Career ​

  • Take Your Career Abroad - No Matter Your Career
  • Higher Education Career Internationally
  • Student Affairs - Using Your Career in Other Countries
  • Working Abroad as a Pathway to Career Development

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Discussion among women on living abroad

Karla's interview with Educator's Lounge

Expat & Life in Higher Ed Insights

Conversations with Black Women Who Coach - Karla Fraser

Here is my chat with S. Anne Marie Archer (@baldgirlwilltravel), founder of The Black Women Coach™ Directory on her channel. It was a delightful conversation about Expat Coaching and the importance of having black women in this space as coaches. I am a member of The Black Women Coach™ Directory. I help clients plan and execute their relocation abroad using their higher education careers.

The Global Chatter Podcast with Amanda Bates: Karla Fraser - Educations Is A Weapon 

In this episode, Amanda (@theblackexpat & @theglobalchatter) and I chatted about my early cross-cultural years, international experiences as an adult, and global career journey. I also address some of the challenges of a career abroad and why I built my brand, @roseappleglobal.

Melanated Stamps:  Karla Fraser - Higher Education Global Career Coach

Check out my episode of the Melanated Stamps with Jenaya. She and I swapped stories from our globally lived experiences. We talked about my journey, including being a Third-Culture-Kid, a Higher education expat, expat wisdom I have collected over the years, and life hacks.

Education Concierge: Karla Fraser, Founder of Roseapple Global, International Coach

Check out my episode of "The Education Concierge." Benita and I take about exploring education abroad and higher education particularly. The podcast focuses on coordinating all aspects of and for education by eliminating all roadblocks for parents, educators, administrators, educational institutions, and community stakeholders.

Flourish in the Foreign: How to Take A Career in Higher Education Abroad with Karla Fraser

In this episode of Flourish in the Foreign, I share my serial expat journey, how she has landed jobs abroad, her experience as a Black woman in Asia, and some tips on how to go abroad as a career professional.

The C Factor: "How to prepare for crisis abroad"- Karla Fraser, Bangladesh 

Check out my episode of "The C Factor". The podcast aims to connect and share the stories of 16 women professionals from 11 countries during the pandemic in lockdown. At the time of the podcast, Karla was a location independent entrepreneur in SE Asia for 8months. Currently, she is in Dhaka, Bangladesh continuing her purpose and passion for working in higher education.

Families In Global Transition Panel: Focus on Privilege: Race & Privilege

In 2020, I had the opportunity to reflect on race and privilege as a panelist for the Families in Global Transition 'Focus on Privilege' with the topic of Privilege and #Race. It was an honor to share and learn perspectives with three women from around the globe. 


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