Take Your Career Abroad - Group

Take Your Career Abroad - Group Program

For aspiring expats in any career field who want to create a pathway using their career for an international move and establish an expat life. Six (6) learning sessions to intentionally guide you in your exploration of using your existing career experiences to begin your journey.

Overall, your program includes six (6) sessions of coaching (5.5 hours of group and 30 mins of individual). Your sessions include your designated group folder, downloadable worksheets, and more. Completion Timeframe: 6 weeks / 1.5 months

Expat Career Strategist and Current Expat Karla Fraser of Roseapple Global leads the premier group expat coaching program for career professionals. Chat with me if you have questions - Book Clarity Call. 

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Your 6-week Program Breakdown: 

Expat Get Started** (1)

  • Explore our Purpose & Values
  • Geographical Options & Geopolitics

Expat Portfolio Planning (2)

  • How to Modify a Resume and a Cover Letter
  • How to Optimize the LinkedIn Profile

Expat Job Search Planning (1)

  • How to Review Announcements

Expat Job Search and Expat Living Resources (1)

  • General Resource List: Job Search and Expat Living

Plus - Standard Inclusions 

In addition to learning and growing with others to explore the endless possibilities expat life has to offer, you will receive a SPECIAL BONUS when you join this program

You will get a 30-minute Personalized Coaching Session (150.00 US value) where we will take a deep dive into your planning process and address your burning questions to prepare you for the leap into Expat Life! 


Upcoming Program Date

February 2024 (6 weeks) - Saturdays at 11:00 am EST/EDT | 6 spots | Pay and Register Now

September 2024 (6 weeks) -  | 6 spots | Waitlist


Standard Inclusions

* Standard Completion Timeframe

* Standard "Live" Session - 30, 60, or 90 minutes each unless noted otherwise

* Total group learning hours will vary based on the selected program

* eLearning Portal - one-stop for documents/videos

* Access to session files 60 days (2 months) after completion

* Email and group messaging access

* Virtual and Digital Service - see terms and conditions for cancellation policy.

* 200.00 USD Value - Included


Your program has six (6) hours of coaching for you to explore the possibilities that expat life has to offer. Learn more and join this program.

Your investment helps you in these three areas:

1. Starts to transform your dream into a reality

2. Ensures your purpose aligns with your intended locations

3. Helps you build and create a plan based on an informed process


Program Value: 1,535.00 USD


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Payment and Cancellation Statement

At Roseapple Global, we are determined to ensure you are READY for this life-changing leap and new beginnings. 

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